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Game Details - Supple
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Gamelist count: 0
Publisher: Oberon Games
Platform: PC.
Category: Action Games, Strategy Games.
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Work in the office of a hot fashion magazine! Be Arin, associate editor at Supple Magazine, and work to get promoted to Style Editor by Friday. Competition is fierce - can you handle it?

Experience the romance
Learn to outsmart the competition
Buy and wear hotter clothes
Hear all the great dialog

Game Notes
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Supple© is one of the most popular downloadable games of 2008. The and game say it all. With over 3 million downloads already, this totally original Sims-style game is sweeping the internet. Supple is funny, challenging, sexy and the characters actually speak real English. Read on to learn more or just click: and start playing right now. How to Play?

Once the game loads, click NEW GAME. Then click PLAY on the next screen, and choose a difficulty level (best to start on Easy).

Okay, now the game starts and it’s Monday morning. Your goal is to make it to the end of the day with Arin’s Game Performance Meter in the green. (Her game performance meter is the top long horizontal meter on the interface bar on the bottom of the screen.)

Here’s some tips for getting started:

  • Click on Hugh to talk to him. Or click the coffee machine to start the day with some coffee. Or click the snack machine to get a snack.
  • To earn some money, click the monitor on Arin's desk. (Her desk is on the left. The monitor is near the plant.)
  • Then choose WORK. When you work, you are trying to win the stars on the bottom right of the screen. Mouse over a star and you'll see what percentage you have. Win a star before Hugh does and you'll get money!
  • It’s best to have high energy when you work because you’ll work more efficiently. To raise your energy level, have some coffee or a snack.
  • When you want to buy new clothes, visit the store. To do that, click the icon on the lower left corner of the screen. This will show you the store. To have Arin move there, click on an outfit. Choose Examine and she’ll walk to the store and look at the outfit.
  • Arin has to first examine an outfit before she can buy it. Once she examines it, click the outfit again and choose BUY. If she has enough money she can buy it.
  • To change Arin’s clothing, click on the Clothing icon (fifth in from the left on the bottom). This will open her closet. Click on an outfit and she’ll change into it.

Well, that ought to get you started. If you have more questions, click the HELP button in the game. If you can’t find the answer, send us a Support email from the website.

In this first episode of Supple, the goal is for you to help Arin get the Style Editor position that just opened up. Watch out – Hugh wants it to. See if you can outsmart that dweeb!

Good luck and have fun!

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Posted by Sammy - 2 months ago
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Main review points
  1. Lot like sims but they actually speak
  2. Characters speak repetitively
  3. Not as good as sims
  4. Get bored after some time
  5. Even the easy mode was a challenge
Posted by scorp - 2 months ago
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Supple ?

What is supple? Its a new simulation game with the characters live in conversation and you in control of the characters.

Posted by scorp - 2 months ago
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