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Game Details - Grand Theft Auto IV Ratingsymbol_m
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Gamelist count: 1
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, X360, PlayStation 3.
Category: Action, Modern Action Adventure.
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The best-selling freestyle crime series is brought onto the new generation of consoles with Grand Theft Auto IV.

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The real life cars behind Grand Theft Auto IV

Transportation: Since Liberty City — the setting of GTA4 and modeled after New York City — is an open-world environment, meaning you can go anywhere at any given time, cars are pretty damn important. For a reference, the open world is so large that it could take 10 minutes or more to travel from one end to another.
Missions: Driving is a crucial part of almost every mission. Whether you're tasked with escorting a hooker, stealing a specific car, or just running a simple car chase, cars are an essential aspect of the storyline.
As A Weapon: Whether running people over in missions or just screwing around plowing down the sidewalk, a properly piloted car becomes a potent weapon. If you prefer more traditional armaments, you can also break out the windshield and fire either a handgun or SMG, or drop grenades while cruising around Liberty City.
Racing: Early in the game you meet up with Brucie, a steroid-enhanced meathead who sets you up with street races all around Liberty City.
Entertainment: Most vehicles in the game have a radio that can be tuned to a wide variety of always-entertaining radio stations. Oh, and you can pick up hookers in your ride and choose from one of three different "services."

Posted by Steve - 1 day ago
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Street Preacher


Posted by Steve - 8 days ago
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Take Two's value upped by success of gta iv

Grand Theft Auto IV secured 99% in metacritic's aggregate score and obtained "Universal Acclaim". It has more perfect scores from IGN, GameSpot, GamePro etc.

Grand Theft Auto IV's $500 million launch is now the biggest videogame launch, eclipsing last September's $300 million Halo 3 launch.

What would this mean for EA's bid for Take Two? is trading above EA( 's ) price currently?


Posted by Rob - 15 days ago
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Video Game Ratings a Joke

Are Video game ratings valid? Do the people who rate it actually play these games before rating it? Do we have laws which actually enforce these ratings? 

A former worker in the video game industry is calling on Congress to strengthen regulatory laws.


Posted by Sammy - 24 days ago
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Los Angeles Times, CA - 2 hours ago
"Grand Theft Auto IV," the latest version of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.'s gangland video game, generated a record $500 million in sales during its ...

The Associated Press - 2 hours ago
NEW YORK (AP) — Video-game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. said Wednesday that sales of its popular and eagerly anticipated title "Grand Theft ...

RTT News, NY - 3 hours ago
(RTTNews) - Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO: News, Chart, Quote ) announced Wednesday that it has sold about 6 million units of the newest installment

International Herald Tribune, France - 1 hour ago
The company is the subject of a $2 billion hostile takeover effort by Electronic Arts, which is offering Take Two shareholders $25.74 a share for control of ...

Blogging Buy Outs, NY - 7 hours ago
It looks like Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ:TTWO) will sell $500 million of its new game "Grand Theft Auto IV" the first week that it is on the market. ...

Posted by scorp - about 1 month ago
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